Moon Pie Festival - Celebrating a Southern Tradition.

Moon Pie

Moon Pie Festival 

Two Southern traditions, RC Cola and Moon Pie, come together in Bell Buckle, Tennessee!

This great southern outdoor event began in 1994 when the small community of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, contacted the Chattanooga Bakery Company and asked if they could host a birthday party for the Moon Pie.  And it immediately became a hit!
Since almost every southerner has memories of this great American snack combination it wasn't too big of a surprise that the event would draw so many visitors into the hills of Tennessee. Can you recall long ago when a walk to the local store to retrieve a Moon Pie and an R.C.Cola with a parent was a treat. Walking back home and sitting on that old metal glider on the front porch, munching away on that moon pie only made the day that much more enjoyable. That local store, and this magnificent yet simple marriage between a good drink and a Moon Pie snack helped fill a lot of days in the summertime. And that refreshing RC Cola tasted oh so good on those hot sultry summer days.  And it seemed that every traveling salesmen stopping for gas, would regularly purchase a R.C. Cola and Moon Pie to tie them over until supper.


Today almost every convenience store or backroads gas station in the southeastern US  - still has a Moon Pie and R.C. Cola within it’s walls. Not only have both of these southern traditions survived and flourished, but their popularity is growing globally. Today over one million moon pies are manufactured daily - and  one can order these treats via the Internet, and have them shipped anywhere in the world.

  The Moon Pie Festival is free to attend and hosts an abundance of activities beginning with a 10 mile run, games, a parade, a king and queen crowning, arts and craft booths and ends with the cutting and serving of the World’s Largest Moon Pie. In addition there’s over 70 booths with a variety of great food choices. The 10-K run has become a major running event with over 500 entrants. In addition, there are many other contests for the visitors to enjoy including the RC Moon Pie Toss, RC Dash, Moon Pie Hoops, Watermelon Seed spitting and much more. While waiting for the RC King and Moon Pie Queen to be crowned, festival goers can enjoy live entertainment, cloggers, country music, bluegrass and a variety of foods including Tennessee smoked Bar B-Q, and of course the festival special of deep fat fried Moon Pies. For music lovers a stage is set up where performers and announcers play all day. Music by locals and regional entertainers are scheduled throughout the event.


The historic village of Bell Buckle consists of preserved and restored Victorian homes and churches, in Tennessee Walking Horse Country, and is located just 10 miles off I-24 on Hwy 231 South.

Just in case you didn’t know, R.C. Cola was an innovator in many areas. They were the first to introduce their beverage in an all aluminum can, the first to make a low calorie diet cola (Diet Rite) and the first cola manufacturer to make a caffeine free soda. And you thought it was those folks down in Atlanta.

Bell Buckle, Tennessee is a a railroad village that was established way back in 1852.
It consists of some beautifully restored Victorian homes and churches is located in Bedford County, Tennessee. Known far and wide for its Southern hospitality it hosts the Moon Pie Festival
on the Third Saturday in June each year. For further information contact:

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